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For our work to be successful we are dependent on the skills and motivation of our staff team. We therefore place great emphasis on ensuring successful recruitment of appropriately qualified and experienced staff.

We believe the personal authority of the individual staff members and the cohesion of the team are the basis for a safe home where young people feel secure in the knowledge that grown-ups can cope with their difficulties. We see staff empowerment as the cornerstone of effective practice and we ensure that our staff have the knowledge, skills and support structures necessary to undertake this difficult and often emotive work. We understand that this can only be achieved through ongoing staff development. We are proud of our commitment to continuous professional development, which includes ongoing training, regular supervision and the support of group consultation.

The structuring of staff at Apple Orchard is carefully managed to ensure that the young people in our care live in a safe and supported environment. The staff ratio is 1:2 with one member of the late shift team sleeping on the premises. We also employ two permanent waking night staff to offer a calming influence at night, recognising that night times can be a particularly difficult for some of our young people.

Apple Orchard Student

Life at Apple Orchard

Learning Engineering

Work Experience

Time to yourself

Student Reading at Apple Orchard

Learning Gardening

Growing Vegetables at Apple Orchard

Playing Pool

In House Pool Competition

I feel that Apple orchard is meeting the young person’s needs exceptionally well. He has made enormous progress in the period of time he has been at Apple Orchard.

Social Worker