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Apple Orchard have four homes providing... therapeutic care with education

Assessment & Therapy


Our Homes

Therapeutic homes for young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour.

Apple Orchard specialise in working with adolescent males who have complex needs associated with sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Young people will come to Apple Orchard with varying life experiences, but commonly they have often been subject to varying levels of trauma. They may have suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect.

Please contact : Kathy Dodd 01403 783416

Good Lives Model

Strength-based approach, helping young people strive

The specific needs of each young person are at the heart of everything we do. With the “Good Lives Model” at the core, a variety of therapeutic methodologies is used flexibly throughout the young person’s placement. These are all adapted to what is assessed as most suitable any given time. This demands a highly-skilled approach from our expert therapists to ensure that transparent, open and agreed aims regarding the young person’s harmful sexual behaviour are achieved via an attentive, genuine and nurturing relationship.

Orchard House

Orchard House has been graded Outstanding by Ofsted continuously since November 2013.


Oakdene was graded Outstanding by Ofsted at their Inspection in September 2018.


Fastbridge was graded Outstanding by Ofsted at their Inspection in October 2017.


Bramley was graded Good by Ofsted at their Inspection in June 2018.

The home is child focussed and focussing on the positives, targets are individual. The staff provide a clear understanding of the service and build young people’s confidence.

Independent Reviewing Officer

At Apple Orchard we place the needs of the child at the heart of everything we do.

Social services key workers looking for Apple Orchard's facilities covering some of the following terms:

Residential care home for sexualised behaviours

Residential care home for in appropriate sexualised behaviours

Residential care for young people with sexual abusive behaviour

Harmful sexual behaviour

Residential services for harmful sexual behaviour

Therapy services for harmful sexual behaviour

Services for young people who sexually offend

HSB therapy Placements

Care home for sexualised behaviour

Residential Children’s home for sexualised behaviour

HSB Children’s home

Sexualised behaviour home for children / Young People

Home for Young People with sexualised behaviour

Therapeutic Home for children / Young People

Treatment for sexual offenders or residential treatment for sexual offences

Therapeutic care home for harmful sexual behaviour

Specialist Residential Care home for Harmful sexual behaviour


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