Apple Orchard specialise in working with adolescent males who have complex needs associated with sexually inappropriate behaviour.

tel: 01403 783416




Apple Orchard accepts referrals for young people aged between 12-18 years old. They often have a range of complex needs, but primarily they will be referred because they have a history of sexually harmful behaviour. This comprises sexual behaviour that is interpreted as being problematic or concerning to others.

Making A Referral

The procedure for making a referral usually begins with an initial telephone enquiry from a Social Worker or another professional.

Additional information such as appropriate reports about the young person and his family are requested for appraisal.

An initial meeting is convened with the young person, his carers and any relevant profess.

A second more informal visit is arranged for the young person. This stay at Apple Orchard takes place over one week and provides the space and time for a careful assessment of the young person’s needs to be undertaken.

Following this weeks stay, a decision is made to place the young person.