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therapeutic community with education

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therapeutic community with education

Our Structure

Each young person at Apple Orchard is allocated a keyworker. Their meetings provide a regular opportunity for the young person to talk about their week and voice any concerns or worries they may have, this also provides the young person with a delegated advocate during their stay. The keyworker is responsible for attending reviews and submitting monthly progress reports.

The team at Apple Orchard invest considerable time in arranging a variety of in-house and outdoor activities.

Some activities we offer include camping trips, mountain biking, golf, football, bowling, cinema and theatre nights. During school holidays we have a programme of activities which include visits to theme parks and activity centres. All activities on or off site are risk assessed.

Birthdays and Christmas can be a difficult time for young people who are away from their homes and family. The team here are dedicated to making these occasions enjoyable and memorable.

A lot of time and preparation is invested by the whole team in making Apple Orchard a special place for young people to live. We know from past experience that despite young people being away from home, we can provide them with positive memories at special times of the year.

Having worked in the field of sexually harmful behaviours for many years, I have been aware of Apple Orchard, however this has been the first opportunity I have had to work with a young person residing here. It has been very helpful to meet with their keyworker and obtain an understanding of the processes.

Specialist Social Worker – Derbyshire