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Residential assessment and treatment for sexual offences

Assessment Week

During the assessment week prior to the offer of a permanent placement, the young person is invited to meet with a member of the therapy team. Here they have an opportunity to see where the therapy sessions take place; to learn about what therapy is or to see how it might be different or similar to therapy experiences they have had before. The young person’s motivation and capacity to reflect is considered as well as their compatibility for joining the therapeutic community at Apple Orchard.

Assessment of therapeutic need and risk of harmful sexual behaviour

During the first twelve to sixteen weeks of the young person starting his placement at Apple Orchard a full assessment is made which draws from a range of psychometric measures and risk assessment frameworks all of which are selected specifically for their relevance in relation to working with young people who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour. Psychometric testing is used to assess young people against measurable milestones in their placement and engagement/progress in therapy. Each assessment is individually tailored to the needs of the young person.

At the end of this period a report is created which details the young person’s therapeutic needs and their potential for involvement in further harmful sexual behaviour. Therapy Reports are presented to bi-annual statutory reviews to ensure that relevant agencies are continually informed of the young person’s progress, and therapists provide verbal feedback at our three monthly reviews

Towards the end of their placement an updated risk and need assessment is provided to facilitate the thinking around risks, needs and future placements. At the end of the young person’s time with Apple Orchard, an End of Placement Summary is created which draws from an evaluation of the assessments made throughout the young person’s stay, to outline the young person’s progress and help define future needs.

The home is child focussed and focussing on the positives, targets are individual. The staff provide a clear understanding of the service and build young people’s confidence.

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