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Approach & Philosophy

Specialist residential care home for harmful sexual behaviour

Young people will come to Apple Orchard with varying life experiences, but commonly they have often been subject to varying levels of trauma. They may have suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect. With the exposures to trauma and/or absence of secure attachments, care or positive role models, such young people have not been given the opportunity to develop normal, healthy and effective cognitions or behaviours; often resorting to maladaptive ways of coping, such as sexually harmful behaviour. Their sexually harmful behaviours have placed themselves and others at risk. Effectively, they are deprived of the capacity to thrive in their own families, within their peer groups, within mainstream schools or indeed in ordinary care settings.

From our experience, the natural response from professionals when faced with such complex need is a feeling of panic, followed closely by the sense that something must be done to support this young person. Efforts have generally been made in the past to tackle their problems, but often with limited effect, due to the absence of support and intervention that addresses both the internal and external worlds of a young person, such as that of Apple Orchard which offers comprehensive therapeutic management of their difficulties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apple Orchard does not claim to have all the answers, but experience tells us that the majority of those placed with us can be helped. Young people can move forward in a secure, structured, therapeutic environment and are able to make marked improvements in their development and behaviour.

We aim to help young people to develop insight into their experiences in order that they can move on from their often damaged traumatic past. We support them as they take steps to make sense of their lives by providing clear and safe boundaries and achievable goals. This includes positive reinforcement strategies such as reward charts and free time.

Central to our work is the need to provide a high level of nurturing which ensures all the basic needs of the young person are met to the highest standard. This includes providing a home that has a warm and friendly atmosphere where great emphasis is placed on building supportive relationships and positive attachments. High regard is given to monitoring their physical well being to ensuring they are healthy, clothed and well fed.

Registered by Surrey & Sussex County Council under the Provision of the Children Act 1989 and the Children Homes Regulations 1991 (Registered No. CH008) Registered by the D.C.S.F.

London Council Approved.

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The home is child focussed and focussing on the positives, targets are individual. The staff provide a clear understanding of the service and build young people’s confidence

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